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Combining Human Skill and Machine Precision

When it comes to creating the perfect part for a machine, the skill and creativity of a human still overpowers machinery, but combined together it creates results better than anything else. Check out this article about combining the skill of experienced machinists...

Why We’re Vancouver’s Choice For Machining

At Smith Industries, we pride ourselves in our ability to create even the most intricate machine parts to the perfect specifications. With our wide variety of tools, we are able to tackle all kinds of jobs, ranging from large projects to the tiny detailed parts that...

New Machining Technology

At Smith Industries our skill and machines allow us to produce the high quality, intricate machine parts we are known for. That’s why we are excited to hear about these new Makino machining...

What Makes A Good Machine Part?

Well, it’s in the precision. Coming across the best machine parts can be difficult, depending on the complexity of the part and its size. Since machines require a combination of parts all moving at once, you have to be sure that each part of the machine is working...

How Steel is Produced

Steel is often used as a material for machines and structures, but how is it made? Check out this article to see how steel is made.

Why We’re Vancouver’s Choice for Machining

When it comes to sturdiness and durability, few materials can match the strength of steel. That’s why steel is often used for construction projects as well as creating objects that last. Of the many methods that can be used to work with steel, welding allows us to...

The Right Finishing Processes

The creation of gears is a vital part to building complex systems and machinery. Check out this article that discusses the different types of finishing processes to gear...

Springtime Services

Now that springtime is here, we’ll be seeing much more sunshine and a lot less snow, so perhaps it’s time to dust off your old welding projects and hit the New Year with a fresh wave of productivity. Here in Vancouver, we at Smith Industries can help you with any...

Vancouver’s Machining Choice

(1 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5) Loading... Winter is here in full force. It’s been years since the city was hit with this much snow, ice, and cold. This winter is definitely a Canadian winter and Smith Industries Ltd is a Canadian company. We have proudly been...

The Future of Metal Repair

(1 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5) Loading... Technology is always changing and these American engineers are changing naval aviation. Check out the future of metal...

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