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4 useful tips for your industrial machine maintenance

Regardless of what type of equipment you use, your industrial machinery means everything for your facility’s output. To achieve desired results, you need this equipment to operate at peak efficiency. After all, even a seemingly minor repair problem can result in lost...

5 Maintenance Tips to Extend Equipment Life

Heavy machinery requires constant maintenance to keep it in good working order. Poorly maintained large machinery equipment runs inefficiently and can result in breakdowns. Here are five top tips for large machinery maintenance: 1. Stay on top of large machinery...

Does Aluminum Rust?

The terms rust and corrosion are often used interchangeably, but they’re not the same. Corrosion is a broad reference to the wearing away of metal caused by a chemical reaction. Rust is a type of corrosion referring specifically to the oxidation of iron or steel...

A Look at Wet-Machining

At Smith Industries, we are passionate about all machining, especially those that can build amazingly high quality products. For those who are interested in a read on high end machining, check out this article about wet-machining, a method of machining that can be...

Lengthening Your Machine’s Life With Maintenance

When it comes to making sure that your equipment and machines last the longest amount of time available in their lifespan, the proper maintenance and repair services are required. Taking good care of your machines is just one step, but making sure that your machines...

Combining Human Skill and Machine Precision

When it comes to creating the perfect part for a machine, the skill and creativity of a human still overpowers machinery, but combined together it creates results better than anything else. Check out this article about combining the skill of experienced machinists...

Why We’re Vancouver’s Choice For Machining

At Smith Industries, we pride ourselves in our ability to create even the most intricate machine parts to the perfect specifications. With our wide variety of tools, we are able to tackle all kinds of jobs, ranging from large projects to the tiny detailed parts that...

New Machining Technology

At Smith Industries our skill and machines allow us to produce the high quality, intricate machine parts we are known for. That's why we are excited to hear about these new Makino machining centers.

What Makes A Good Machine Part?

Well, it’s in the precision. Coming across the best machine parts can be difficult, depending on the complexity of the part and its size. Since machines require a combination of parts all moving at once, you have to be sure that each part of the machine is working...

How Steel is Produced

Steel is often used as a material for machines and structures, but how is it made? Check out this article to see how steel is made.

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