In these dreary days of fall, it’s always wise to take inventory of your equipment and appliances to ensure that they’re functioning properly through the inclement weather. Even if your project or workspace is indoors, now is the time to stop and evaluate whether or not you’re able to do things more efficiently. Your equipment has seen better days and is running on its last legs. Or perhaps there has been an increase in production volume and you’re looking for opportunities to ease a bottleneck. Smith Industries Ltd. offers machining services to Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

For more than 50 years, we have been providing exemplary service and products to a vast range of industries. Smith Industries Ltd. offers both conventional and CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) machining, as well as millwright services. That means we are able to make virtually any part as well as assemble, dismantle, install, and repair your equipment either in house or at your work site. We work with new parts, repair and reproduce parts that are no longer available. We also have the capability to weld but are capable of working with all materials including glass, plastic, wood, and, of course, metal. Our machine shop offers precise, versatile, and custom service as we have a multitude of machining tools at our disposal including lathes, mills, machine centres, and routers. We’re proud to be Vancouver’s machining choice for more than 50 years.

From prototypes to industrial parts, let your imagination come to life with our custom metal work. Contact Smith Industries Ltd. today and let’s discuss your manufacturing needs.

WE ARE OPEN To Serve You And We Are Following Strict Safety Protocols To Help Protect Customers And Employees.

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