At Smith Industries, we pride ourselves in our ability to create even the most intricate machine parts to the perfect specifications. With our wide variety of tools, we are able to tackle all kinds of jobs, ranging from large projects to the tiny detailed parts that make up a machine. We undergo the process of creating a part using machining, which is when a piece of metal is cut into its final shape through a controlled material removing process. For the most complicated projects, we’ll employ CNC machining so that the end result is as perfect as you need it to be.

Since many machine parts have exact specifications otherwise it won’t work, you’ll want to ensure that when we present you the part you ask for, it functions exactly as you need it to. CNC machining involves the usage of a blueprint that is then fed to a machine in order to create the part. To begin, our engineers will take the specifications of your part and create a blueprint for our machines. From there we’ll program that blueprint into our milling machines, and the machine will do the rest, taking a piece of material and cutting it into shape according to our blueprint.

When you assign Smith Industries a job, you are doing more than simply hiring a machine shop. You are trusting 50 years of experience for quality, expertise, and knowledge on how to get the task done right. When we present you a finished part, you’ll know that it’ll work exactly as you need it to.

Smith Industries brings its services across Vancouver.

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