January’s almost over and the new year is in full swing. Many of us make resolutions but how many of us are able to stick to them the full year? Sure, living a healthier life and traveling are all great resolutions but the crux of it all is being happy. Whether you’re happier in your career or in your personal life, you need the tools and resources to keep you on the right track. If you’re a metal fabricator by trade or by passion, Smith Industries provides quality metal repairs in Vancouver. We’ve worked with hobbyists and professionals at the top of their field.

From industrial machinery to custom work, Smith Industries wants to keep you on the path to having your most productive year ever. No matter what industry, we provide impeccable service. We are one of the best CNC shops in Vancouver and are dedicated to high-quality metal repair, For over 50 years we’ve been serving a multitude of industries and areas including construction, HVAC, security & lock, electric motor repairs, parks boards, municipalities, plastic manufacturing & processing, and so much more. We provide supplies, industrial maintenance, welding, metal spraying, and parts duplication. Even in the rare circumstance that we don’t already carry an outdated or obscure part, our skilled technicians are able to make it. That’s why we’re Vancouver’s choice when it comes to metal repairs.

Keep your 2017 goals in sight and repair any old or worn equipment to avoid unnecessary stress and headaches. Contact Smith Industries today for your metal fabrication and repair needs.

WE ARE OPEN To Serve You And We Are Following Strict Safety Protocols To Help Protect Customers And Employees.

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