Now that springtime is here, we’ll be seeing much more sunshine and a lot less snow, so perhaps it’s time to dust off your old welding projects and hit the New Year with a fresh wave of productivity. Here in Vancouver, we at Smith Industries can help you with any metal-working project that you require, whether you require a machine to be taken apart, put together, or the use of our specialized CNC machining.

With over fifty years of experience in the industry, Smith Industries leads with its wide array of services, including parts repairs, millwright services, and welding. Our precise CNC machining technique allows us to cut products into the exact shape that is required.

Is your equipment old, requiring some parts of it to be replaced, but manufacturers aren’t selling it anymore? We can custom forge the parts you require for your equipment at a lower price than an upgrade will entail. For that matter, we can custom make any part for anything that you require, from small-scale prototypes to large scale productions orders.

Our services are not limited to simply the production of parts, with our millwrights, we can also repair, take apart, and put machines back together. The experience of our millwrights allows them to understand complicated blueprints and still assemble them properly.

Smith Industries serves from the heart of Vancouver. Through our variety of services and experience, our industry garners the loyalty of its clients, promising only the best service possible. For more inquiries, please contact us at 604-874-6110.

WE ARE OPEN To Serve You And We Are Following Strict Safety Protocols To Help Protect Customers And Employees.

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