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Since Smith Industries is a full-service machine shop and millwright, we can repair and maintain most packaging, food, and material processing equipment, such as  Meat Saws, Grinders, Deli Slicers, Meat/Bakery Carts and any other packaging equipment you may have. We can also create any metal parts or metal products you may need for them as well. If you’re having problems with your packaging machines, contact us now. We’re Vancouver’s best machine shop, and we specialize in machine repairs and maintenance.

Bunn Tying Machines

We are also authorized Bunn Dealers. The Bunn company invented the world’s first automatic package tying machine, and we sell several models, along with offering service, parts, and supplies for them. Check out the gallery below for a few of the Bunn products that we sell.

machine shop, Smith industries Ltd, Vancouver   machine shop, Smith industries Ltd, Vancouver

The are many benefits of using Bunn Tying Machines for your packaging needs, including:

  • New style guarding, which provides increased safety while at the same time allowing for easier access for service work
  • Safety features such as the electrical disconnect, which prohibits the use of the machine without guarding
  • Large choice of wraps, front tables and twines or polytapes, letting you pick the ones that are best for you
  • The Bunn Knotter Lock gives you the long service capability that the company is known for
  • Patented dual tension string holder that alternately increases and decreases the tension of the string
  • Double Headed Drawslide and Roller Twine Arms that allow you to use Twines and Polytapes interchangeably
  • Superior Tension Control for Tightest Possible Tie

STM1016 Meat Roll Tyer

machine shop, Smith industries Ltd, Vancouver

We are proud to sell the Bunn STM1016 Meat Roll Tyer, with its all new stainless steel finish.

The Bunn STM1016 Meat Roll Tyers are time proven, time savers for the butcher. The operator has both hands free to shape the meat and tie with controlled tension, producing a more appealing cut of meat. The meat roll tyer is also portable, so you can move it to where you need it for greater convenience. The machine also ties as fast as the operator depresses the treadle, which saves time. The Bunn STM1016 Meat Roll Tyer is also easy to maintain, while being as safe and simple as possible to use.

The Bunn STM1016 Meat Roll Tyer offers the following benefits:

  • Stainless steel framing
  • Stainless steel guarding
  • Minimized operator mis-ties, saving time and improving production
  • Patented stringholder provides twine versatility
  • Patented Knotter Lock keeps the knotter in place
  • Improved tension control for tighter ties
  • Guarded for safety with durability
  • Easy to wash down
  • Removable front and inner back tables for ease of cleaning


  • Types of Wraps – Single
  • Depth of Throat – 16″
  • Cycle Time – 58
  • Motor – 110 v 1725 RPM
  • Frame – Tubular Stainless Steel
  • Guarding – Stainless Steel Panels

We also supply:

  • Rubber bands
  • Twine
  • Poly-tie twine
  • Packaging tying machines
  • Suction cups
  • Nylon Cutting sticks


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