Well, it’s in the precision.

Coming across the best machine parts can be difficult, depending on the complexity of the part and its size. Since machines require a combination of parts all moving at once, you have to be sure that each part of the machine is working exactly as it should, leaving no room for error. A single faulty piece of a machine can cause the entire thing to malfunction, leaving you in the dust for whichever task you needed the machine for. That’s why when it comes to obtaining machine parts, precision, versatility, and customization is important, so that each piece fits the part of the whole it needs.

Using CNC machining, Smith Industries provides the full breadth of parts creation services. CNC refers to Computerized Numerical Control, which is the process of using computers to execute pre-programmed sequences. This allows us absolute precision in how we can create our parts, even allowing us to create parts that are otherwise impossible to make. We begin by first taking the specs of the parts you want and programming it into our machine. From there, the machine will do the rest, taking a piece of metal or other material and undergoing controlled material removal to shape it exactly into the shape you desire.

With over 50 years of experience under our belt, Smith Industries brings to you exemplary service. We know the necessity of precision in our machine parts, and each project that we undergo caters to that ideal of precision. When you hire our services, you can be sure that each part that you require will be made right the very first time.

Smith Industries brings CNC machining services to Vancouver and its surrounding areas.

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