When it comes to making sure that your equipment and machines last the longest amount of time available in their lifespan, the proper maintenance and repair services are required. Taking good care of your machines is just one step, but making sure that your machines are well-maintained and able to operate smoothly is key to saving you time and money. At Smith Industries, our comprehensive service list includes repairs, rebuilding, dismantling, moving and installation of machines. No matter what you’re looking for, we are here to help you with all your machine needs, so that no matter the age of your machine, it will serve you with all the efficiency and power that it did on the first day.

Our services:

  • Full industrial machine and equipment repairs
  • Supplies
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Welding
  • Metal spraying
  • Duplication of parts

With over 50 years serving Vancouver in the machining industry, Smith Industries brings only the highest quality of services to you. Our experts in machines are veterans at their craft, bringing years of experience in industrial maintenance. We are not satisfied with just a quick fix to get a machine back running and will perform preventative maintenance to ensure that the machine will continue running well into the future, protected from common problems that may arise.

With decades of experience guiding our actions, welding, parts duplication, and metal spraying processes are smooth and efficient. No matter how complicated your machine is, our dedicated technicians are able to perform any service required to keep it running long in the future.

Smith Industries is located in Vancouver.

WE ARE OPEN To Serve You And We Are Following Strict Safety Protocols To Help Protect Customers And Employees.