At Smith Industries, we can make practically anything in our machine shop- and we proudly state that front and center on our website. But we understand how what we do can seem complex and complicated to people who aren’t familiar with the industry. That’s fine, we have a lot of  specialized machines in our shop, and it can get very technical sometimes- that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated and incomprehensible.

We like to say that we do all the manufacturing, service, and support for the manufacturing and service industries. But we’ve also worked with novice makers, artists, and designers in many different fields.

If you have an idea for a part, or need some custom fabrication, but have never been to a machine shop before, we’ve found a great article here that explains in 7 easy points what to prepare for and expect when you go to a machine shop.

It’s a quick read that takes you through specifying tolerances, surface roughness, materials, the machining process, and more, that will give you a great foundation to bringing your imagination to life!

So if you ever need a part or piece, just follow the easy pointers listed in the article, and contact us today!

WE ARE OPEN To Serve You And We Are Following Strict Safety Protocols To Help Protect Customers And Employees.

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