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Smith Industries specializes in:

  • Metal Parts
  • Custom Metal Work
  • Industrial Parts

With the state of the art tools in our machine shop, we can make almost anything.

Let’s say you have an older piece of equipment, and it’s old enough that the manufacturer doesn’t even make it anymore. Of course, you could upgrade, but replacement costs could get very expensive. Besides, it works fine, except there is a small part that is getting worn down, affecting the operation of the equipment. But because it’s no longer manufactured, you can’t order any replacement parts from anyone.

This is where we come in. As one of the best machine shops in Vancouver, Smith Industries can custom make the part for you, at a fraction of the cost of new equipment, saving you time and money.

That’s just one example of what we can do. We can make any hard-to-find or discontinued component of your equipment in a variety of different materials.

With custom work and industrial parts as our other specialties,  that means we can handle everything from single-run, custom-made prototypes to large production orders, and everything in between.

We have the machines, expertise, and experience, and we’re ready to get to work manufacturing whatever it is you may need. You could say the sky’s the limit, and that’s particularly fitting because we have made parts for the transportation industry, including airplane and rocket parts.

To get a feel for the range of what we can do, please see our Products and Services page, which lists a large number of industries that we not only support, but service as well. While it is a long list, keep in mind that it’s not exhaustive either. But they are the most common industries that we work with, and should give a better idea of what we do.

If you don’t see the industry you’re looking for, don’t worry. As previously mentioned, we do custom work as well.

Contact us now, and let us put our decades of experience to work for you.

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