Service Offered
at Our Machine
Shop in Vancouver

Machine Shop

This is where it all happens. The machine shop is one of Smith Industries’ greatest assets, allowing us to maintain the high levels of versatility, precision, and customization that keep our customers coming back. We are the best machine shop in Vancouver, with a wide range of machine tools, and we can manufacture practically anything. We take any orders, big or small, from prototypes to industrial parts. No matter what you’re looking for, we can help your imagination come to life, and we’re known throughout Vancouver and BC for our custom metal work.

In our machine shop, we can do both conventional and CNC (which stands for Computerized Numerical Control) machining, along with welding, and the full spectrum of millwright services.

You may be wondering what ‘machining’ means. Well, it’s when a piece of material (usually metal) is cut into a desired shape and size through a controlled material-removal process. Controlled material removal is also known as subtractive manufacturing because you are taking away (subtracting) from the raw material to create the shape you want.

Our millwright services can be provided in the shop, or on-site, depending on the project’s needs.

But what are millwright services?

Millwrights are tradesmen who install, dismantle, repair, reassemble, and transport machinery and equipment to factories, power plants, and construction sites, among others.

As a machine shop that also provides millwright services, that means we not only make machine parts- we can take machines apart. And then move them and put them back together for you.

Our machine shop contains many machine tools including machining centres, routers, mills, and lathes that allow us to do almost any job.

We offer the following services in our machine shop:

  • Conventional & CNC Machining
  • Millwright Services (ie. Equipment Assembly, Dismantling,Installation, and Repair)
  • New Parts
  • Parts Repair or Reproduction
  • Welding

We work with all materials, including metal, wood, plastic and glass.

So no matter how big (or small) your project is, we’ll do everything in our power and capabilities to make it come to fruition.

Contact us now, and let us put our decades of experience to work for you.

” Exceeding expectations through expertise and experience for over 50 years. “